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Ordering the Can

Renting the Can

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Ordering The Can...

The Can provides an innovative, cost effective and effective means of providing youth programming to communities, neighborhoods or parks in areas that attract allot of youth and where there are few existing resources. It also serves isolated communities with few youth resources. The Can has been both purchased and leased by:

Community Centers

Parks and Recreation Departments

Townships and Cities

Service Clubs

Local Businesses


Communities are offered three options when considering The Can for their neighborhoods:

1. Month lease fully staffed

2. Month lease self staffed

3. Purchase/Ownership options.

The Can is an economical means of establishing youth services within your community. Our experience suggests that you should consider your needs and the various communities and neighborhoods that it could service. The Can is easily moved from site to site with little more effort that moving a camping trailer.

If you are considering a longer term solution to youth issues you may wish to consider a purchase option. The Cans are constructed in Ottawa through a combination of volunteer, youth and job training programs. This ensures that costs are maintained at a reasonable level and that all proceeds for these units is injected into programs and activities that better the lives of others.

The Can is traditionally constructed to a standard version however in purchase options we are flexible in adapting The Can during construction to best meet the needs of the community to which it will serve. The standard version is equipped with:

Homework bar

2 computer workstations

2 computers with printer

Secure staff office

Electrical baseboard heat

Exterior portable entrance stairs

Program materials and resource materials in both hard and electronic form

Lounge area with TV/VCR, music system and built in seating

Chairs, stools etc...

Opening windows

2 Exterior exit door

Optional considerations available are self-contained washroom facilities and gas fireplace heating.

To discuss order options or for additional information please call us at (613) 723-3337 or at

Renting the Can...

The Can may be requested by townships, cities, service clubs, recreation centers and schools that have very limited or no youth programs. This service provides a cost effective approach to temporary youth activities and services.

Things to consider...

1.        Why do you want the Can?

To fill a gap in youth services,

To address a community social issue,

To tie in with an existing community event.


2.         Where you want it placed?            

In a park

In a parking lot

At a school

At a mall


3.        How much time you wish to devote?             

The Can is available fully staffed to assist those communities with few staffing resources. If the community has the infrastructure and staffing in place you may wish to consider renting The Can without staff. This is economical and builds on already existing youth programs. It does require a greater time commitments on behalf of the community.

If the community has the resources and a dedicated office to supervise the delivery of services the un-staffed arrangement has proven to be effective. Be sure to carefully assess who in your community will assume that responsibility and their time resources.

New Beginnings provides all staff and introductory training. We also maintain weekly contact to provide assistance and advice as required or requested.


Booking The Can under rental agreement.

The Can may be booked in 4 week blocks by calling or emailing us at (613) 723-3337 or at There are two rental options:


1. Full Service:    $3,500 month

---we provide it all...120 hours of supervised youth programming---

We ask that the community provide the Can staff and youth with bathroom access, cover the cost of hydro, arrange for a 220 volt, 30 amp. 4 prong locking plug to provide power to the Can and to provide a community contact/liaison representative.

New Beginnings for Youth is responsible for transportation of the Can to the selected site. We will also market the Can in your community and conduct a needs assessment research before the Can enters the community. NBFY also hires high energy, organized and responsible staff and manages staff and all of the Canís administration functions. At the end of our contract, a stats report on youth activity with recommendations is provided to the township and/ or group.

...In effect the community provides logistics and we do the rest. This is ideal if you do not have the time, location and resources to manage a youth program.

2. Community Staffed:     $1,200

In this option New Beginnings for Youth provides transportation to and from the community and provides an evening staff orientation and ongoing support. The group requesting the Can is responsible for hydro and a 220 volts, 30 amp. prong locking hook-up, bathroom access, a local emergency contact, marketing, creating partnerships, staffing and managing.

This is ideal should you have the time and resources for a youth program but no location.

Buying the Can

 Standard Version:  $27,500 (can)

The exterior of the trailer is electric blue with red and black accents.  The Can is signed with New Beginnings for Youth phone number and web site.  Additional signage may be applied to recognize sponsors and community agencies involved with the project.

The standard version is equipped with:

Homework bar

2 computer workstations

2 computers with printer

Secure staff office

Electrical baseboard heat

Exterior portable entrance stairs

Program materials and resource materials

Built in entertainment unit with TV/VCR and music system

Built in lounge seating


Modifications are available to meet the needs of the sponsoring community. Optional considerations entail;

self contained washroom facilities

gas fireplace heating

additional seating and work stations

other items as identified by sponsoring agencies are negotiable.

Payment Options


Full service:  

$ 1,000 holding fee is required upon booking

$ 2,500 two weeks before delivery


Community Staffed:

$ 200 holding fee is required upon booking

$ 1,000 two weeks before delivery


The holding fee will be refunded if you cancel a minimum of one month ahead of the delivery date. Should you cancel earlier than one month the holding fee will not be refunded.


Purchase Options

Upon ordering a Can for purchase, 50% of the cost is required. The other 50% upon delivery.