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What's Brewing

Tuesday, November 25, 2003 Our Hosts CooCafe

Hola Ottawa. Here I am in the offices of CooCafe. The office is a fun and lively place with only 12 employees. One of those is Ramon Castro and he is our host. Ramon is the director of the Fundacion Hijos del Campo (in English the Rural Sons Foundation). Hijos del Campo is a foundation that was created to give the children of CooCafe's rural coffee producers a better future. The Foundation supports schools with supplies and resources and supports students who would otherwise not be able to attend school with scholarships, grants and no-interest loans. We are excited to be working with CooCafe. Check out their website which is listed under our links section. One of the projects that they would like to put us to work on is fixing up the site, but for now you can get an idea of the organization.

Thursday we are heading off with Ramon for a quick tour of some of the cooperatives. We will be visiting Sarapiqui, Tilaran, and then spending the week-end in Monteverde. On December 2 we leave for Sarapiqui where we will be working on the farm until Christmas break. We are excited to get out of the city!

Will check in soon. Meg C

Outside of CooCafe
Ramon Castro, director of the Fundacion Hijos del Campo (in English: The Rural Sons Foundation).

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