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What's Brewing

Sunday, December 14, 2003 Snowing in San Jose

My how time flies when you are having fun! This past week went by in a flash. We have been busy working on the project in San Miguel, interviewing tourists who stop in and investigating tour operations in the area. There is lots of white water rafting on the nearby Sarapiquí River. We haven´t had a chance to try it ourselves yet, but are anxious for the adventure and will go for sure when we return in january.

The view down to the nearby Sarapiquí River.

We have been getting to know the people who work in our office and the local residents. The house where we are living now is a hub of activity where friends and relatives are always dropping in for a bite to eat or a cup of coffee, so it´s a great way to meet people.

Our host dad is actually grandfather of 11 and so we call him Abuelo (grandfather in English). He is lots of fun and has a great laugh!
Alváro has been with this co-op for 24 years. He has been the manager for the last 18 years and now also works as an advisor to the second level co-op CooCafe. Alváro is Abuelo’s eldest son.
These are some of the boys who work here at the CoopeSarapiquí office.
This little grandchild Estefanny has moved in with us and her and her sisters keep us busy!

We spent one morning last week at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens which include trails that wind around three different waterfalls as well as a butterfly and hummingbird garden. We actually watched butterflies breaking out of their cocoons for the first time which was really interesting. The hummingbirds were fun to watch too, although very difficult to snap pictures of!

One of the final stages of the butterfly metamorphosis.
This one barely stood still long enough for us. I have never seen so many hummingbirds. It was impressive.

For the weekend we headed to San Jose to check out some of the tour operators and to see if they would be interested in forming links with our co-op in San Miguel. It was good timing this weekend, as it was the Festival of Lights and everyone was out to celebrate the Christmas season. The streets were lined with thousands of people to watch a huge and elaborate parade with floats, marching bands and other entertainers. Santa Claus of course was the guest of honour. There was also confetti--and lots of it! It´s a tradition here to walk around with bags of it and toss it in people´s faces as they walk by. We were often targeted and quickly learned to keep our mouths closed! Once their bags were empty, people would just gather more confetti off the ground and throw it again. It was fun to watch and to be a part of one of the biggest parties in Costa Rica. While we were enjoying our fake snow, we were thinking of home, wondering if you have any of the real white stuff. It´s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner!

Talk to you soon and pura vida. Meg Fitz and Meg C

One of the many colourful floats at the Festival de la Luz.
Some boys reloading their confetti ammunition.
Meghan Casey after being ambushed on the street.
We were popular targets at the festival!

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