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What's Brewing

Sunday, December 7, 2003 Rural Living in Sarapiqui

Saludos from San Miguel de Sarapiqui. Here I am in the office of the Co-op and the internet is working! There are no such things as Internet Cafes in this town but we are not really missing it too much. We have been living for the past week with a family of 6 in Los Alpes de Sarapiqi. It is a beautiful rural area and the family we are living with owns two parcellas of land where they organically grow coffee amongst other plants. Sadly, this production and the milk and cheese that they make and sell on the side, is not enough for them to get by. Both Hermes and Nuria work other jobs with the hope that they can at least get their 4 children through highschool.

The kids are now out of school for summer vacation and it has been lots of fun to hang out with them around the farm and the house. The whole family was immediately very interested with all the technology that we brought along and the kids got hours of entertainment out of our computer and cameras!

The kids spent a lot of time playing on the super advanced computer that Roy Miller from CanPub donated to us to bring.
The kids also became very attached to our digital cameras. Twelve year old Louis Gabelo is now as good a photographer as he is a model.
Louis Gabelo modelling for the camera in a tree in the backyard.
Organic coffee farmer and father of 4: Hermes Gerardo Murillo Quiros.
The two Megs and the mother of the family Nuria Maria Valverde Zamora.
Hermes and two of his sons walking back to the house from the farm.

Today we are moving a little closer into town where we need to spend most of our days in order to conduct interviews with the tourists that pass through. The co-op is thinking about diversifying and opening a coffee shop and they have asked us to help by doing a market analysis for them. There are no busses that pass through Los Alpes and it is an hour walk to the nearest bus that only goes by twice a day at 7am and again at 4pm. Last year the government did fund a school bus to come through and get the kids and we rode on that a few times but now the holidays have begun and the schoolbus is also on vacation. We hope to visit Los Alpes again soon but for now we will be living with another family of the cooperative in San Miguel Sarapiqui.

Pura Vida. We will be in touch soon. Meg C and Meg Fitz

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