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Links to other sites

Some good links to learn more about Costa Rica and the Java Journey's partner organizations and communities:

Roasted Cherry Coffee House
This web site describes the coffee house operated by New Beginnings for Youth in Ottawa and provides information on its great catering services.

The coffee Cooperative in Costa Rica that Meagan and Meghan are working with.

Cafe Monteverde
Come into the Roasted Cherry Coffee House in Ottawa to buy Cafe Monteverde or better yet come to the beautiful town of Monteverde in Costa Rica for a visit. If you would like to buy the coffee on-line visit Montana Coffee Traders and they will set you up!

Montana Coffee Traders
Robby Beall of Montana Coffee Traders was integral in launching the fair trade sustainable coffee, Cafe Monteverde. For more information on Cafe Monteverde and how to order it on line visit this site.

Monteverde Information
Check out this site for more information on Monteverde.

CJOH Ottawa
CJOH is supporting the Java Journey Team and has provided them with the opportunity to send home Video Journals that will be aired in Ottawa every few weeks.

The Ottawa Citizen Newspaper
The Citizen is running articles by Meagan Fitzpatrick every few weeks in the Editorial section.

Costa Rica National Chamber of Tourism
This is a great site for basic information on Costa Rica and its regions.

International Labour Organization
The International Labour Organization has a project called the International Program on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) and it has been working in Costa Rica in co-operation with various organization, including COOCAFE.

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