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A Look at Some of the Many Steps in the Coffee Process

In the field: these ripened coffee cherries are ready to be picked.
Meghan Casey picking beans.
A view of the wet mill El Beneficio Humedo.
Coffee beans being fermented.
After fermentation the beans are washed.
Thousands of worms work very hard to convert the left over husks and pulp back into soil.
Guillermo Vargas showing off some fresh soil after the worms have done their job.
Some quality control sorting at the dry mill. This machine sorts on the basis of weight, the heavier beans being the higher quality.
High tech laser eyes are an important step in the quality control process.
Getting the export sacks ready.
Coffee sacks ready for export.
The Cupper getting things ready for a public tasting.
Meg Fitz trying out her taste buds. She prefers to drink the coffee instead of spitting it out as a professional cupper is supposed to.

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