The Concept


 The Can...

How it all got started...

The Can is the brainchild of alumni youth from New Beginnings for Youth an Ottawa based charitable organization. Their idea captured the imagination of the Ottawa business community who arranged for the donation of a trailer and building materials.

Through the support of community volunteers, youth and local trades the first trailer was converted into a vibrant and functional youth center. In January 2000, the center was ready and began its function of being a unique programming venue, capable of traveling directly into neighborhoods and communities, taking programming to youth where they live and congregate.

The Can has been successful beyond our expectations. The program has expanded and the Can has ventured into rural communities.


Bringing the community together...

The Can impacts the community it serves in that:


        Everyone gets involved.

        Youth take ownership and pride.

        The Can keeps teens active in their neighborhoods and gets them involved.

        The youth develop a sense of community.

        Programs encourage their growth in the community.

        It impacts adults by exposing them to pro-active youth who are getting involved in their community.

        It offers youth a safe place to hang out.


The Can is also a catalyst for creating partnerships in the community. It is a vibrant, tangible and visual program that interests a variety of local businesses and entices them to get involved.

The following is a list of partnerships that believed in the program and in each their own way helped The Can take shape.

Belko Auto Body

Blue Line Taxi

Boyd Group of Companies

Canus Plastics

Carleton Iron Works

City of Ottawa

City of Nepean

Carroll Thatcher Planning Group

Colonnade Developments

Doran Contractors

Edís Trucking

Electrical and Plumbing Store

Gervais Towing

Gowans Towing

Home Depot

H.P Ward foundation

Kessels Upholstering

Marlboro Windows

Malmberg Truck & Trailer Equipment


M.D Ottawa Woodworking

Murray Len Supply

Myers Motors

Myers Auto Body

Orange Security

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa trailer repair

Ottawa Valley Metal Inc.

Owens corning

Professional Mobile Wash

Rome Flooring

Scaffold Fast Ottawa

Schooner Transport


Studio Signs


Valley Hardware

Westeinde Constructions


How it works...

The Can enters a community for a 5 weeks period during which a variety of programs and activities are offered to local youth such as:

Leadership development
Movie night
Sports and games
Homework Club
Teen Talk
And many more.

The host community provides The Can with a location supporting access to bathroom facilities, provides a local emergency contact, access to a 220 volt. 30 amps. 4 prong locking plug and covers the cost of hydro.

Once dates and locations are confirmed with the community, an NBFY staff member markets the program in schools, local papers and local businesses well in advance of The Can's arrival.  A community needs assessment and  research is also conducted so that the programs may be modified to best suit the particular needs and interests of youth in the community.

New Beginnings for Youth arranges transportation of the Can.   High-energy  staff are hired from within the local community to manage and operate the center under the supervision and guidance of a representative from New Beginnings for Youth. Staff orientation, weekly meetings and ongoing support are services provided by the NBFY staff.

A written report containing data from the research done during our stay is provided to the township and/or group that brought us to the community. The research contains information on the total youth who attend the center, how many males, females, average age group, activities that worked, where the youth are coming from, how they are getting there, why they attend, youth suggestions, Can staff suggestions and New Beginnings for Youth recommendations.


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